Justice Ecosystem White Paper: Cooperative Court Case Management System Development

Topics: Access to Justice, Case Management, Government, Legal Innovation, State Courthouses


Implementing a unified court case management system has resulted in a multitude of benefits for Wyoming state courts, most notably increased access to justice and increased efficiency for the court system.

In this white paper — Cooperative Court Case Management System Development: A Case Study from Wyoming by Ann Lavery — Wyoming’s experience as it faced some interesting challenges on the road to the successful development and implementation of a statewide unified district court case management system (CMS) will be explored.


Implementing a unified, statewide court case management system is no easy task for any court system and the state of Wyoming is no different.


Over time it became apparent that the current situation with district court case management systems was fraught with problems. The courts that used any CMS other than FullCourt had to budget for expensive maintenance, support and upgrade costs. The courts using FullCourt had to settle for a CMS that had been designed for circuit courts and was missing key functionality. In addition, there was no ability for the Supreme Court to migrate any data from other systems to FullCourt or to add e-filing functionality. The situation was not ideal for any of the courts.

The Clerks also knew that e-filing would eventually be mandated, either by court rule or legislation. It was not feasible for most courts to implement e-filing individually because of the prohibitive cost, and it was not practical because of the distinct possibility that users would be encumbered with a number of different e-filing systems. In September 2008, the Clerks of District Court Association unanimously voted to support the creation of a CMS to be used in all district courts and asked the Supreme Court and key members of the legislature to support its funding.

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Cooperative Court Case Management System Development: A Case Study from Wyoming

The author Ann Lavery was Clerk of District Court, Uinta County, Wyoming from 1999-2012, and a Senior Business Analyst for LT Court Tech, a Thomson Reuters business, since 2012.