Welcome to the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute

Topics: Corporate Legal, Law Firms, Legal Innovation


We seek to make the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute (LEI) a comprehensive, practical, and accessible resource for all those who lead and manage the delivery of legal service. To provide them all the legal news, expert views and events they need to fulfill their responsibilities. LEI will provide:

  • Complete and accurate data on developments, trends, and best practices in the delivery of legal service;
  • Robust discussion, analysis, and insight from the most knowledgeable and experienced experts in the legal profession;
  • A comprehensive program of seminars, round tables, blogs, videos, and publications presented in an accessible, lively way;
  • Opportunities for leaders to interact with their peers to explore solutions to the nettlesome issues they face; and
  • An interactive web presence that enables leaders to access elements of LEI programs easily and efficiently.

Thomson Reuters is launching LEI as part of its longstanding objective to be an active participant and collaborator in the delivery of legal service. Law is more important today than ever before. At the same time, the way legal service is delivered is changing faster than ever, as technology and other developments enable better and more efficient processes. Thomson Reuters seeks to build on its deep involvement in legal content and infrastructure to assist all participants in finding the optimal path in meeting the world’s demand for legal service and navigating the changes that are underway.

While designed for legal service executives, LEI will incorporate information and outlook from the full legal ecosystem. We will include data and opinion from law firm leaders and their corporate counsel counterparts, as well as regulators, educators, consultants and anyone else with a stake in the delivery of legal service.

Interaction among the stakeholders will be a particularly important element of LEI value proposition. We want to go beyond pushing content out. We want to become a center for discussion, debate, and exploration—a place where all participants can come together to pursue answers to the new and challenging questions we all face.

The scope of what LEI offers will expand and broaden over time. Today we roll out our web site and some of the other features. More will follow.

Finally, I am personally delighted to be part of LEI. I will serve as its Chairman, working with the great Thomson Reuters team to design and implement our vision. I will try to share lessons learned from my 40 years in law practice (23 of them leading and managing a large law firm) with our team and with LEI participants.

Starting today, I will post a blog or a video interview on the LEI site weekly, on Tuesdays. The blogs will explore a specific issue in the evolution of the delivery of legal service. The videos will present interviews with leaders in the legal profession designed to provide the viewers both substance and insight into the personalities of the leaders.

I am very optimistic and excited about what we are about to create together.