Videos: Beyond Mental Health — Discussions with Morgan Lewis & Bockius

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In a new series of four videos, Krista Larson, Director of Employee Well-Being at the law firm Morgan Lewis & Bockius, speaks with Nita Cumello, Global Client Director at Thomson Reuters, about the firm’s well-being strategy and why it was important.


Video 1: Beyond Mental Health

In this video, Krista Larson, discusses the firm’s multi-dimensional framework to well-being, which includes emotional and mental health, as well as intellectual, occupational, community and physical well-being.

Video 2: Success Drivers

Krista Larson speaks with Nita Cumello about the drivers of success for the firm’s well-being program, highlighting how employee well-being is a talent, growth, and client success strategy for Morgan Lewis.  The most important assets of the firm are its people, Larson says, and when the firm’s people are well and deliver legal services with more energy and cognitive capacity, everyone wins — the firm’s clients and its own people.

Video 3: Successful Execution

In this video, Krista Larson, of Morgan Lewis & Bockius, discusses the firm’s engagement strategy at all levels of the organization to ensure successful execution of its well-being strategy.

This engagement includes both a top-down and bottom-up approach: Top-down — The firm’s managing partner champions well-being with courageous story-telling about his journey in recovery from alcoholism; and Bottom-up — The firm’s global working group on well-being includes representatives from all 31 of the firm’s offices that meet to share their observations and emerging areas of focus for the well-being initiative.

Video 4: Tension Between Well-Being & Stress

In this video, Morgan Lewis’s Krista Larson and Nita Cumello, of Thomson Reuters, discusses the tension between the firm’s focus on well-being and the demands of the law being a stressful profession.

Morgan Lewis acknowledges the stress and proactively offers tools and techniques for more effective stress management for its attorneys and allied professionals with the goal to have them thrive in all aspects of their lives.