Video: 2015 Court Technology Conference — Thomson Reuters Highlights

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You can view the following three videos recorded at the 2015 Court Technology Conference. 

Connecting the Justice Ecosystem

Every day, courts must deal with issues like mobile access, technology maturity, organizational challenges, security, and perhaps foremost, funding. In the Thomson Reuters panel session, Technology to Connect the Justice Ecosystem, our esteemed panelists discussed the state of today’s judicial collaboration and offered their insights into how vendors, courts, and justice partners can work together better.

Technology Supporting Access to Justice

Is your court streamlining communication and paperwork between legal entities including prosecuting and defense attorneys, judges and clerks, law enforcement and the public? The efficiencies created when you do this will afford the ability to reduce court fees, offer swift justice by reducing the time to trial, and increase the time that public defenders can spend with their clients.

Attorney portals, research solutions, electronic service options, and advanced justice partner integration points will allow more timely, streamlined, and cost-effective communication between the court and its partners. This may seem lofty — but can be achieved when you break down the problem and implement small changes which help drive to this future state.

Streamline Court Operations Beyond Case Management

A recently conducted survey of trial courts around trends and areas of concern for court employees revealed that almost one-quarter of trial courts manage more than 20,000 cases per year — that’s an average of 54 cases each day. What if you could incorporate a tool that could reduce time spent verifying arguments in documents filed or in drafting orders and opinions? Westlaw’s tools permit the retrieval, writing and exchange of effectively researched and formatted decisions and opinions.

View the videos from the Thomson Reuters panels at the 2015 Court Technology Conference here.