TWLL Board Influences the Advancement of Women in Law, Says Sophie Anger, Associate GC at Mars

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Sophie Anger, Marketing Properties, Associate General Counsel – Global Petcare, Systems & Processes at Mars, Inc., spoke to the Legal Executive Institute about why she joined the Advisory Board of Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law (TWLL) and what she hopes to contribute to this endeavor.

Legal Executive Institute: What most excites you about this initiative?

Sophie Anger: It is such a tremendous opportunity to be a part of the TWLL advisory board and to be able to influence what remains a key issue: the advancement of women in law. I look forward to contributing to the agenda and meeting other successful and talented women leaders.

Legal Executive Institute: How do you see your organization benefiting from meeting with law firms and corporations around the topic of women’s leadership in the law?

Sophie Anger: Having candid and open discussions around the topic is really essential if we want to impact behaviors and maintain the pace of changes. While my organization already places great emphasis in promoting and advancing women to senior leadership positions, it will be great to hear about the unique challenges faced by women in the law and to bring these insights back to my organization.

Legal Executive Institute: Why is it important to stay focused and remain committed to the advancement of women in law?

Sophie Anger: All the studies show that more women in leadership positions is good for the bottom line and will increase a company’s profitability; women leaders bring a different perspective and managing style and more simply put — skill diversity. When it comes to the law, I get the sense that progress has been slower even though the needs are the same.

With the rise of AI which will disrupt many sectors of the economy, including the law, now more than ever we should remain focused on advancing women lawyers to leadership positions to successfully address the challenges ahead.