TWL Advisory Board Member Tope Yusuf Hopes to Expand Connections Among Women

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Tope Yusuf, Vice President in Employment at NBCUniversal, spoke to the Legal Executive Institute about why she joined the Advisory Board of Transforming Women’s Leadership (TWL) and what she hopes to contribute to this endeavor.

Legal Executive Institute: Why did you agree to become a TWL Advisory Board member?

Tope Yusuf: As a former Cohort Member, I was excited about the opportunity to influence the program. I loved being able to meet other junior partners and discuss how to navigate the challenges of transitioning to partnership and leading at an early stage.

Legal Executive Institute: What most excites you about this initiative?

Tope Yusuf: The prospect of connecting women leaders and providing them with guidance that will help shape their ability to impact and influence change within their organizations.

Legal Executive Institute: What is one thing you hope to achieve with your involvement?

Tope Yusuf: I hope to continue to expand the ability for women to make meaningful connections that help them achieve leadership roles in their organizations.