Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law

Topics: Corporate Legal, Diversity, Government, Law Firms, Talent Development, Women’s Leadership Blog Posts

The content on the Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law page will highlight organizations’ successes in removing barriers to the advancement women and spotlight some of the most powerful women in law, business, government and academia, who will share their experience of their rise to the top.

The goal of our new initiative is:

  1. To curate conversations between law firms and general counsels to discuss the barriers that hinder women’s advancement.
  2. To enhance connections between senior women in law firms and corporate counsel offices.
  3. To enable law firms and business to explore, identify and implement solutions to remove structural and organizational obstacles that impede women’s advancement.

Our content will reposition the conversation away from what women can do and put greater onus on institutions, law firms and the overall legal industry. Throughout a series of Fireside Chats, Co-Hosted Events and Intimate Roundtable Dinners, we’ll share blog posts, interviews and white papers that outline potential solutions for corporate counsel and law firm leaders. When these solutions are taken, women in the legal profession have the potential to advance. We will also feature the latest details on related events, such as the annual Women’s Transformative Leadership Forum held every Spring in New York City.

Our initiative is being sponsored by Susan Taylor Martin, President of Thomson Reuter’s Legal Business and Charlotte Rushton, Managing Director of Large & Medium Law. Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law has also formed an advisory committee comprised of senior members from the legal community at IBM, JP Morgan, Pitney Bowes, Thomson Reuters, HSBC, Morgan Lewis, Latham & Watkins and Paul Weiss. Our advisory committee will meet quarterly to ensure our content is helping solve the legal industry’s most pressing issues regarding the advancement of women.

Readers of the Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law page can expect to gain insight into these discussions and learn practical tips on how to truly move the needle on gender inequality.