Thomson Reuters Named Top Global Alternative Legal Brand by Acritas

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Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters has been named the top brand in a new index that measured the favored brands in the alternative legal service sector, as reported by a survey of hundreds of senior legal professionals representing some of the world’s largest companies.

The inaugural Global Alternative Legal Brand Index, published by Acritas, a leading legal market research firm, is its first-ever measure of alternative legal service providers, a group that in-house legal departments are increasingly turning to today.

In-house counsel were asked to name organizations providing legal services — excluding law firms — that they think of first, as well as those they most favor. They were also asked which providers they saw as driving innovation in the market.

Thomson Reuters was cited three times more than the next closest provider for its innovative practices and was named as the most favored provider overall, primarily driven by its use of technology.

While Thomson Reuters earned mentions across multiple areas for its innovation, four areas of business underpinned this recognition: Carswell Legal Solutions, Westlaw, Practical Law and Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services. These business units reflect the broader survey’s findings that clients are adopting technology in order to access legal know-how and organize work; use flexible resources to handle fluctuating work volumes; and seek specialized expertise to provide business-ready solutions.

A brief video in which Thomson Reuters Legal President Susan Taylor Martin sits down with Acritas CEO Lisa Hart Shepherd to discuss the new Global Alternative Legal Brand Index, the role of technology in innovation, and the Thomson Reuters approach to customer-focused solutions can be viewed below.