Thomson Reuters Legal Launches “Forum” Magazine’s Downloadable Free App

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This week, Forum, the magazine created by Thomson Reuters Legal’s Thought Leadership initiative (which also includes Legal Executive Institute and this blog) is launching its Free Forum App, available on the App Store and Google Play .

You can download the app here.

In the premier issue of Forum, currently available on the Free Forum App, readers can download and peruse the magazine’s articles, such as one which examines the current state of some of Asia’s largest economies and their legal industries; or another piece which profiles the MoloLamken law firm, formed by two Big Law partners who decided to set up shop for themselves.

Other articles for download are written by some of the top thought leaders in the legal business, including Stanford Law’s Roland Vogl, who writes about how data scientists’ ability to understand patterns in data are greatly helping law firms interact better with clients; and David Morley, a Senior Partner at Allen & Overy, who offers a window into the current revolution shaking up the market for the delivery of legal services.

“The insights, ideas and information in Forum will live best in a modern, digital publication, where ideas can be shared, discussed and argued by legal professionals in law firms, corporations, government, academia, as well as by innovators and entrepreneurs in the legal market,” said Susan Taylor Martin, President of Thomson Reuters Legal. “Through Forum, we will explore the evolution in the business and the practice of law from the very people who are its agents of change.”

Don’t miss out on this discussion. Download the Free Forum App now and immediately get access to the current issue of Forum as well as all future issues.