The 2020 US M&A/Private Equity Forum: Banking Behind the Scenes: The Evolution of Innovative Banking in Middle Market Lending

Topics: Corporate Legal, Law Firms, M&A, On-Demand Webinars

The Thomson Reuters Institute is pleased to present a five-part exploration of the US middle-market deals environment in the shadow of COVID-19. Our diverse and experienced faculty offers important guidance on emerging opportunities and regulatory considerations for M&A professionals across the nation. Our second installment examines innovative middle-market banking strategies in the current deals environment.

Ten plus years removed from economic downturn, the looming specter of the Great Recession continues to influence today’s banking and lending communities. Sometimes referred to as the “Shadow Banking Industry”, domestic and foreign nonbank lenders are now key players in the global marketplace, without the traditional accompanying regulations and protections. With reported coffers in excess of $52 trillion representing a formidable (and, for some, dangerous) presence. Enter 2020. And with the COVID-19 pandemic still significantly impacting the economy, concerns over the ‘shadow banking’ system’s longevity and reliability  persist. What impact has current economic strain had on the system’s growth and lending ability? What factors are contributing to calls for substantive regulatory oversight? And, as importantly, how do threats from potential nefarious actors weigh on the cyber integrity of the market?  Please join us as our distinguished panel ponders these and other timely questions amidst rampant socioeconomic upheaval and cybersecurity threats.

Melanie BrandtPresident & CEO, Association for Corporate Growth Atlanta

Barrie Covit, Partner, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP
Tim Lloyd, Threat-Finance Reporter and Risk Analyst
Fabio M. NatalucciDeputy Director, International Monetary Fund
Jody WestbyChief Executive Officer, Global Cyber Risk LLC 

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