The Most Recommended Law Firms: a BTI Consulting Report

Topics: Data Analytics, Law Firm Profitability, Law Firms, Leadership


Last week BTI Consulting shared why only 33.3% of corporate counsel recommend their primary law firm to a peer—a task they do not take lightly. Recommendations are personal statements about the recommender as much as they are about a law firm’s client service, quality and commitment.

With clients always expecting more, law firms often have to work double time to earn the coveted recommendation given by one corporate counsel to another. Only 25 firms earn an unprompted recommendation for five years in a row. You can see all 96 firms earning multi-year recommendations in BTI Consulting’s newest report: BTI Most Recommended Law Firms 2015.

Each year the acts of client service change—gaining in value and sophistication and becoming a little harder to replicate. And every year, a group of law firms figures out how to up their game, leapfrog client expectations and leave the other law firms behind. The BTI Most Recommended Law Firms 2015 are the firms—out of the 650 core law firms serving large and Fortune 1000 clients—corporate counsel are willing to bet their reputation on and recommend to their peers.

(Originally appeared on BTI’s blog, The Mad Clientist. Reprinted with permission.)