The 19th Annual Law Firm COO & CFO Forum – Day Two (Thurs) Partner Talks

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COO & CFO Forum

The Thomson Reuters Institute’s Law Firm COO & CFO Forum is the premier gathering of eponymous title holders, executive brethren, and esteemed industry partners for three days of peer-driven conversation on the business of law.  Each year, we fortify our content with a series of executive-level Partner Talks offering concise, pithy, and compelling insights for law firm leaders.  All Partner Talks span approximately 20 minutes in length.

Partner Talk #1:
Uninvited: Fraud and Its Origins During the Pandemic
Throughout the pandemic, law enforcement reporting and mainstream media commentary have outlined various types of fraud frequently deployed to trick unsuspecting business executives. Now more than ever, businesses must mitigate potential risk by thoroughly understanding the most common typologies and associated methodologies favored by nefarious actors. This presentation offers a brief tutorial on one of the most pervasive and dynamic forms of fraud today: business email compromise. What precautions should business leaders take to stave off a would-be attack?

Alex Beavan, Leader, Financial Intelligence Unit, Western Union Business Solutions

Partner Talk #2:
Outsourcing : Friend or Foe?

Outsourcing has been on the rise since the 2008 economic downturn. Indeed, as annually chronicled in the Georgetown/Peer Monitor State of the Legal Market Report, outsourcing grew as an acceptable strategy for law firms seeking to control costs and offer greater matter efficiency in a newly christened legal buyer’s market. Facing yet another round of challenges in 2020, what should law firms do now? Outsource more or less?  Outsourcing is not a cure-all, but it can be an effective strategy given specific circumstances and agreements. Join Rob Mattern, President of Mattern & Associates, an unbiased law firm support services consultancy and outsourcing expert of the law firm back and middle office, for a timely presentation on when to keep services in-house, when to outsource, and what can be achieved along the way.

Rob Mattern, President, Mattern & Associates

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