How to Run a Successful Small Law Firm: White Paper

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Wondering how to successfully manage a small law firm and serve your clients at the same time?

Examining small law firm management from the intersection of saving time and time management, this white paper provides three basic suggestions that will allow even the most underwater of solo and small-firm practitioners to feel like a real lawyer again.

Read the white paper:

How to Run a Successful Small Law Firm

What you will gain in the paper:

  • Understand what is needed for you to fully engage the creative process that moves your firm forward, allowing it to capture the most value;
  • Increase your efficiency with legal technology that automates many of the non-value-added administrative tasks that eat up time; and
  • Identify the most important technology investment your firm needs in order to simplify firm management and build a strong foundation.
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From “How to Run a Successful Small Law Firm”:

If you work for a large firm or corporation, or if you’re a law professor, you can analyze substantive law all day long. You have that luxury, because someone else is generating business for you, and someone else is managing the business, and someone else is doing the bookkeeping.

Solos and small law firm owners, however, run into obstacles on the way to legal nirvana, because they have a business to run. For these attorneys, if they’re not doing the law firm management-related work themselves, they’re overseeing someone else who is doing it, and therefore are required to be involved in continuous, strategic decision making. It’s a difficult balancing act: If you focus too much on practicing, then the management of the firm becomes unmanageable.

This white paper examines three questions that go to the heart of the balance between practicing law and managing your firm, including how to put your practice at the top of your priority list, how to identify the most important new technology, and what technological innovations you can make to improve your office’s efficiency.