Podcast: Reorganizing Your Midsize Firm for the Future

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Many firms follow the “barbershop model” – an organizational structure that rewards individual behavior but often results in isolated practice areas with weak cross-selling activity and short-term focus.


Darin Klemchuk of Klemchuk LLP


Darin Klemchuk, founder and managing partner of Klemchuk LLP, shares a new business model and how he rebuilt his firm from scratch, which has resulted in substantial profit gains driven by the firm’s new strategy and revised compensation system.


In this new podcast, John Remsen, Jr., president and CEO of The Managing Partner Forum discusses this reorganization and refocus with Klemchuk and how best other firms can seek to break down the silos and encourage better profit and efficiency.


Klemchuk and his firm focus on all aspects of intellectual property with emphasis on patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret litigation. The firm has handled more than 200 intellectual property disputes, including more than 25 patent infringement cases.


You can hear the entire podcast below, as part of Thomson Reuters’ “Leadership in Action” series.