New Podcast: Defining Moments: Insights into the Lawyers Soul

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This past Spring, Melanie Bragg, author and solo practicing lawyer at Bragg Law PC, published her third book, Defining Moments: Insights into the Lawyers Soul.

In this podcast, Natalie Runyon, Director of Enterprise Content for Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute, chats with Bragg about the impetus for the book and some of the nuggets of wisdom from those she interviewed.

Bragg discusses the main inspiration for the book, which was a conversation Bragg had with Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. After Bragg asked him why he had not written a ‘chicken soul’ book about attorneys, Canfield joked that lawyers did not have souls. Bragg then decided she would be the one to do it. Bragg dedicated herself to crafting a collection of stories that feature prominent attorneys who had made a commitment of their time through public service in the law.


Melanie Bragg

During the process of writing the book, Bragg organized the stories of the featured attorneys around LEADership: Legacy, Excellence, Authenticity, and Determination. The Legacy portion comes from Judy Perry Martinez, current president of the American Bar Association, Bragg says, adding that she also gathered more soulful insights from the stories of Raquel (Rocky) Rodriguez, of law firm McDonald Hopkins; and Barbara Mayden, of Young Mayden, a legal search and consulting firm.