Original Sin: Religiosity, Same-Sex Desire & Institutionalized Homophobia

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The Thomson Reuters Institute is proud to announce OutLaws 2020, an eight-part thought leadership webinar series devoted to advancing international LGBTQ2+ access to justice. Our fifth installment examines the LGBTQ2+ community’s fraught relationship with organized religion.

Homosexuality and organized religion share a lengthy if often vexed history. From quiet disapproval to “sanctified” execution, varied and at times ambiguous cross-denominational attitudes toward same-sex desire underscore a profoundly rocky relationship for LGBTQ2+ constituents with religious inclinations or beliefs. Indeed, in an era where synergies between religious fundamentalism and homophobia coalesce with salacious headlines of sexual abuse and the Catholic Church, outbreaks of antisemitism, and anti-LGBTQ2+ violence in Africa and the Middle East, religion—or more precisely, religiosity as such—has come to occupy a special place in the eyes of a general public. This conversation takes an earnest look at the role of organized religion in informing public policy and social norms around the world.

Eric MarcusFounder & Chair, Stonewall 50 Consortium; Founder & Host, Making Gay History Podcast

Imam Daayiee AbdullahFounder, Mecca Institute
Dr. Cheri DiNovoMinister, Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre for Faith, Justice and the Arts
Dr. Aviva GoldbergRabbi, Congregation Shir Libeynu
Matthias Roberts
Producer, Queerology

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