New White Paper: A Practitioner’s Guide to Initial Margin Preparation & Negotiation

Topics: Compliance, Corporate Legal, Government, Regulation & Compliance, Risk Management

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The continuing compliance rollout of the regulatory framework for initial margin requirements is set to continue with its 3rd successive annual September 1 deadline this year as Phase 3 firms race towards getting collateral and custodian arrangements finalised and documented.

For Phase 4 and 5 firms (2019 and 2020 deadlines respectively) such as mid-level regional banks, asset managers and fund administrators, compliance can be fraught with unforeseen problems and regulatory headaches which will require years worth of advance planning and implementation.

On that date, annually until 2020, firms will have to post initial margin for all non-cleared derivatives transactions. With every successive phase deadline, the overall participant population increases, and the custodian-imposed deadlines continue to draw closer as volumes rise within an environment that holds limited capacity.

To provide some assistance to the final stages of preparation and negotiation for initial margin Phase 3 and drive the requirement for early preparation for Phase 4 onwards, Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services have issued a new white paper, A Practitioner’s Guide to Initial Margin Preparation & Negotiation.

The white paper, written by Jean-Paul Botha, Delivery Lead Financial Trade Documentation with Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services, offers process-related guidelines to help practitioners better understand the preparation and negotiation stages of the initial margin requirements for Phase 3 and onwards.

Download your free copy of the white paper, A Practitioner’s Guide to Initial Margin Preparation & Negotiation, here.

In the paper, these guidelines have been distilled down to 10 clear steps, each outlined to better assist practitioners in navigating the upcoming implementation dates and ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

The white paper will fully detail such preparedness and negotiation tips as:

  •        Establishing a project road map;
  •        Resourcing your teams;
  •        Understanding local laws and jurisdictions; and
  •        Ensuring strong management throughout the process.

So make sure you’re approaching the immediate deadline and preparing early for Phase 4 with the know-how, insight and careful preparation required to ensure a problem-free experience for your organisation and your clients.