Happy Fiscal Equinox (Observed)! How to Move Yours Closer to Increased Profitability

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Law firms spend a good portion of the year working for revenue they can’t keep, or even worse, working for free. If we were to put all that unpaid time into big blocks, how much of the year would elapse before law firms start earning money for themselves?

Check out the infographic below to get an idea. Click on the graphic to Download a copy of the Fiscal Equinox.

Fiscal Equinox

The good news is, your Fiscal Equinox is within your control. Why doesn’t the Fiscal Equinox fall closer to the mid-point of the year?

That’s a great question. Every day you take out of Waste Season is another day you can add to Profit Season.

Think about what your firm can do to move up your Fiscal Equinox.

You can Download a copy of the Fiscal Equinox here!