Gaveling the Glass Ceiling: Thousands Rally to Show that Women Have a Voice & Will be Heard

Topics: Corporate Legal, Diversity, Law Firms, Talent Development, Thomson Reuters

We cannot help noting in our February issue of “Gaveling the Glass Ceiling,” the amazing and inspiring events of a few weeks ago when crowds of women and men numbering in the hundreds of thousands gathered in major cities and small towns across the country and the globe to advance one simple idea: Women have a voice and it will not be stilled.

We at Thomson Reuters’ Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law (TWLL) initiative applaud this outpouring of support for women and the causes that they, along with many men, embrace. These causes — around themes of equality, safety and prosperity — are at the heart of much of what TWLL has tried to promote in the legal sphere over the past year. While we still have miles to go, especially to reach parity in the legal profession, it is very clear that we, or any women for that matter, are not alone in this endeavor.

To further encourage that solidarity, in this issue of Gaveling the Glass Ceiling, we are launching a very special project, Stories of Women Helping Women, with the idea it’s important to remember the value of paying it forward to help other women within the legal profession, and also that everyone wins when women support each other.

In our first entry in this project, Lynda A. Bennett, a partner with Lowenstein Sandler and a member of the firm’s Executive Board, relates the story of how she was recently reminded of her past actions that helped a younger woman within her firm, and how another beneficiary had started on her own path of helping women colleagues.


TWLL would very much hope to continue highlighting these stories, and is dedicating the month of February to the topic of Business Development. Do you have stories of how women can help women in the area of business development? We want to feature personal stories from women across the legal community who have helped other women thrive in various aspects of their professional life.

So, if you have a story to share, please send us an email and tell us your story. Get inspired, share your story, and be part of the transformation to break down the obstacles that exist for women in the legal industry!

Also this month, we have showcased a new white paper, entitled Nudging Law Firms to Hire & Promote More Women, (available for free download here) by Dr. Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio, a behavioral economist and senior research fellow for Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession. The paper examines why the law continues to be a conspicuously male-dominated profession despite wide-spread and on-going diversity and inclusion efforts. Also, Dr. Cecchi-Dimeglio offers nudges, or ways law firms and other institutions can be encouraged through action to hire and promote more women.

And one last reminder: Our big event is coming up! The 3rd Annual Women’s Transformative Leadership Forum, which this year will focus on encouraging empowerment by improving women’s participation and representation throughout law firms and legal departments. The one-day event will be held March 2 in New York City — book your tickets now!