Gaveling the Glass Ceiling: The TWLL Annual Report Shows Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

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As the February/March issue of Gaveling the Glass Ceiling goes to press, we are excited to be publishing the Annual Report of the Thomson Reuters’ Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law (TWLL) program.

We are hopeful that the Report both informs and energize our readers and allows us to share our excitement about the commitments and activities that have driven the program throughout the past year. This the second year we have produced the TWLL Annual Report.

Highlights from the 2018 Annual Report include:

  • TWLL launched in the United Kingdom and Ireland in 2018 with a 23 member advisory board, more than 400 individuals participating in the program, and online content with more than 10,000 pageviews.
  • TWLL won the 2018 Gold Stevie Award in the category of “Media Developed For/By Women—Website or Blog of the Year.”
  • I was given the honor of being named the Thomson Reuters Executive Sponsor for the TWLL program.

As we look back on 2018, we are extremely gratified to see the progress made by women in the legal industry and how they, male allies, and mindful organizations are helping to bring down the hurdles that many women face in advancing their legal careers. We’re also pleased to see the attention and discussion at all levels of the legal industry that is now being focused on the experiences that women are having — both uplifting and disappointing — in the legal profession.

You can read our Annual Report here.

Throughout the year, as the Report shows, more action has been taken in the legal industry to level the playing field for women. And we at TWLL are proud that we’ve done our part to facilitate opportunities for people across the legal industry to come together and address vital issues, such as the structural barriers that hinder women’s progress in the legal industry or the unconscious biases that many of us — men and women — hold that contribute to this struggle.

In the Report, we examine the events we undertook over the past year, the content that we provided to our readers on our blog page and elsewhere, and the legal leaders whose insight we shared. Indeed, I’d like to personally thank those members of the judicial system, law firms, corporate law departments, legal-focused non-profits, and academia who joined us as members of the TWLL Advisory Board, event participants, or content authors — your contributions were deeply appreciated and helped drive the TWLL program as it sought to make a difference on women’s advancement.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2019, we are aiming to expand our TWLL partnerships, further engage with our board members and event participants, and deepen our content in order to further the goal of improving diversity within the legal industry, clear the hurdles that limit women’s advancement, and create a future that is more equal for everyone.