Gaveling the Glass Ceiling: Celebrating International Women’s Day

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As the April issue of “Gaveling the Glass Ceiling” goes to press, we’re delighted with the marches, rallies and calls to action around the world for International Women’s Day, held on March 8.

These celebrations highlighted both the progress gained and continuing challenges faced by women around the globe and come at a time where there is increasing concern that women’s rights are being rolled back. (See here for some fantastic photos from Thomson Reuters commemorating the day and women’s efforts in general.)

We at the Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law initiative are also pleased to see the involvement of Thomson Reuters and the Thomson Reuters Foundation in the event. In one of its efforts, the Foundation conducted a street survey of women and men in 10 countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia about the biggest challenges they saw for women.

While issues of violence against women and domestic imbalance within the household were raised, the predominant theme was one of employment and ensuring that women had equal access to jobs, equal pay and the flexibility to balance work with raising children.

international women's day

It’s not surprising to working women (as well as those women seeking proper work) that these concerns would be paramount. Around the world, just half of working-age women had jobs in 2015, compared to 76% of working-age men, according to the International Labour Organization. And, as we know all too well, women continue to be paid less in most countries, earning on average only 60% to 75% of what men are paid, according to the World Bank.

This is an unfortunate set of statistics that women around the world are all-too-familiar with, whether they’re working in low-paid menial jobs or are higher-paid professionals, like lawyers.

This is why efforts like the International Women’s Day are so important and should continue to grow and be celebrated in the future.

In this issue of Gaveling the Glass Ceiling, we also wanted to point out a blog post on our page about our recent 3rd Annual Women’s Transformative Leadership Forum, written by Thomson Reuters’ Sameena Kluck. The post highlights a strong point of discussion during the Forum about the importance of branding to the advancement of your career. At the Forum, several panelists, including Carolyn Leonard, founder and CEO of DyMynd, described how branding had been crucial to their individual success during their journey on different paths in their careers.

Finally, we wanted tell you all that registration is now open for the 2017 Women’s Transformative Leadership Forum, sponsored by the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute and Lexpert.

The day-long event, to be held June 22 in Toronto, is entitled, “Empowerment by Improving Participation and Representation” and features panels and discussions on developing a career toolkit and defining strategic leadership for women on boards, among many other great topics.

We hope to see you there!