FORUM MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE: Looking at Legal Expertise from Both Sides of the Table

Topics: Client Relations, Corporate Legal, Forum Magazine, Law Firms

Forum spoke with Gregory B. Jordan, general counsel of PNC Financial Services Group, and former global managing partner of Reed Smith LLP, about evolving client relationships, the exacting nature of determining client needs, and why both parties want the other to succeed.

The evolution of the legal profession, especially the relationship between law firms and their clients, is happening at an ever quickening pace, and those at the tip of that legal spear—those leading law practices both in private firms and in-house—are feeling these changes most acutely.

Gregory B. Jordan, who has very recently been on both sides of the legal table, may know this better than most.

“I think we’re continuing to see corporate law departments get bigger,” Jordan said. “There’s a tremendous amount of talent coming from leading law firms and they’re bringing with them particular expertise that’s needed in big companies…

What that means for law firms is that you have to keep identifying areas where the companies need you — and there are lots of places. But law firms need to pay a lot of attention to the hiring going on at companies as specific expertise is added.”

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