OutLaws Canada 2020 Seeking International LGBTQ2+ Access to Justice

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Jun 04, 2020

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Toronto, ON

$99 USD

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Thomson Reuters is proud to present OutLaws Canada 2020 this June in Toronto.  Continuing our annual examination of timely and compelling issues impacting the (inter)national LGBTQ2+ community, this lively, interactive program invites LGBTQ2+ constituents, allies, influencers, and leaders to play an active role in helping improve the global LGBTQ2+ experience.

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Why You Should Attend

  • As one of the world’s most ethical companies, Thomson Reuters considers this event an honor and ethical obligation to connect passionate advocates for LGBTQ2+ rights and representation with key power brokers and influencers across professional services
  • Our program pivots upon actionable opportunities for engaged individuals to help effect meaningful change at a moment of great unrest for the LGBTQ2+ community
  • Attendees will have ample networking opportunities to engage peers and form enduring alliances as part of a commitment to improving the lives of those in need

    Who Should Attend

  • LGBTQ2+ professionals, allies, influencers and power brokers from across industries
  • Diversity & Inclusion professionals
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Event Details

    Thursday, Jun 04

    8:30 AM
    Registration & Breakfast
    9:15 AM
    Opening Remarks
    9:30 AM
    Taken: Exposing Global LGBTQ2+ Sex Tafficking

    In 2017, a ten-year study conducted by anti-slavery group Polaris of over 40,000 reported cases of alleged human trafficking and labor exploitation revealed that LGBTQ2+ youth made up a disproportionately high percentage of trafficking victims. Whether through in person encounters or remote—and increasingly popular—interactions via webcam, phone sex lines or text-based chats, LGBTQ2+ minors experience myriad forms of sexual slavery on a routine basis. This panel examines the disturbing plight of LGBTQ2+ trafficking victims both within and outside of North America. Our presenters will address social, economic and legislative forces contributing to this global epidemic.

    Hugo Greenhalgh, LGBT Editor, Thomson Reuters Foundation

    10:30 AM
    Morning Break
    10:45 AM
    A House Divided: Pathways of Remediation for the LGBTQ2+ Community and Law Enforcement

    Between 2010 and 2017, Toronto’s Gay Village was the site of one of the worst serial killing sprees in Canadian history. As details of Bruce McArthur’s activities came to light, many in the LGBTQ2+ community expressed outrage over the way law enforcement handled investigations surrounding the events.  Divisions between the LGBTQ2+ community and law enforcement deepened when, in 2016, the decision was made not to allow uniformed LGBTQ2+ police service members to march in Toronto’s annual Pride Parade.  These events have added fuel to a lengthy history of contention between the two groups.  Our session offers a comprehensive look at how prominent organizations are working to repair community relations and help restore a more cohesive and perfect union.

    Constable Danielle Bottineau, LGBTQ Liaison Officer, Toronto Police Service

    12:00 PM
    Networking Luncheon
    1:00 PM
    Breakout #1: Fellow Travelers: Encouraging LGBTQ2+ Self-Identification in the Workplace (Breakout)

    More than ever, employers are empowering LGBTQ2+ workers with supportive workplace policies and lifestyle benefits to influence an inclusive workplace for all. Companies encourage LGBTQ2+ communal growth through employee resource groups (ERGs), support of external LGBTQ2+ organizations, and recalibrated workplace policies once deemed unfriendly toward the queer community. Yet, despite such remarkable changes, many LGBTQ2+ workers remain hesitant to openly identify as LGBTQ2+. This session works to demonstrate strengths and vulnerabilities in self-identification.  Throughout this session, participants will collectively outline strategies to promote a safe and encouraging workplace where employees can feel free to be their authentic selves.

    Breakout #2: Spectacular Bodies: Privacy, Public Identity and LGBTQ2+ Personality (Breakout)

    Social media has forever changed the way people convey and receive information. Though often an entertaining way to engage the world, cringe-worthy moments shock the masses when seemingly private communications get thrust, however inadvertently, onto the world’s stage. From controversial opinions to political blunders, no one is immune in the court of public opinion. This session examines the ongoing transformation of LGBTQ2+ experience in the age of digital identity. Our panel will explore several timely topics, including the celebrity influence of LGBTQ2+ lifestyle, LGBTQ2+ activism through social media, the rise of revenge porn and cyber hacking, the phenomenon of public outing, and the scourge of cyber bullying.

    2:15 PM
    Afternoon Break
    2:30 PM
    What’s Your Plan?: Supporting Transition in the Workplace

    Canadian employers have a duty to accommodate employees who seek to transition in the workplace, but the vast majority have no plan in place to provide such support. Without established guidelines for staff to follow, employers fall short of their legal obligations and miss out on opportunities to support some of the most marginalized members of the LGBTQ2+ community. This session will focus on why the unique needs of each trans employee must guide every transition process and explore the business, legal and moral cases for trans inclusion in the workplace.

    3:30 PM
    Original Sin: Religiosity, Same-Sex Desire & Institutionalized Homophobia

    Homosexuality and organized religion share a lengthy if often vexed history. From quiet disapproval to “sanctified” execution, varied and at times ambiguous cross-denominational attitudes toward same-sex desire underscore a profoundly rocky relationship for LGBTQ2+ constituents with religious inclinations or beliefs. Indeed, in an era where synergies between religious fundamentalism and homophobia coalesce with salacious headlines of sexual abuse and the Catholic Church, outbreaks of antisemitism, and anti-LGBTQ2+ violence in Africa and the Middle East, religion—or more precisely, religiosity as such—has come to occupy a special place in the eyes of a general public. This closing conversation takes an earnest look at the role of organized religion in informing public policy and social norms around the world.

    Dr. Cheri DiNovo,
    Minister, Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre for Faith, Justice and the Arts

    4:45 PM
    Closing Remarks
    5:00 PM
    The OutLaws Soirée

    Please join us for cocktails and canapés as we wrap up the day’s proceedings.


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