“De dinero y bondad” (Of Money and Kindness): Supporting US Financial Growth through Increased Latinx Economic Access

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In honor of Latinx Heritage Month, the Thomson Reuters Institute is pleased to produce a four-part series on identity, inequality, and access to justice in contemporary American society. Our aim is to unite professionals, policymakers, academics and more for a series of earnest dialogues around the modern-day Latinx experience. This third installment addresses access to capital and economic growth for the Latino, Hispanic and Latinx communities.

At present, the Latinx community is both the largest minority group and the youngest within the United States, with estimates projecting the community to comprise 25% of the total US population by 2026. Yet the facts behind the overall economic health of the community remain dismal: Latino men typically earn about 74% of every dollar made by their white counterparts, with Latina women facing an even steeper gap of just 54%. While Latinx are more likely to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, they are often disproportionately impacted by a lack of capital access, frequently face higher housing costs, tend to hail from indigent upbringings, and are half as likely as whites to graduate from higher education.  In July 2020, the White House issued an executive order entitled the “Hispanic Prosperity Initiative” aimed at creating greater pathways to education and economic opportunity for those in the Latinx community. Still, given the government’s lack of support for the community, some wonder if this initiative will truly make a difference.  This session takes an earnest look at both the opportunities and threats facing Latinx’s economic growth, and what companies should be doing to contribute positive changes for their own Latinx employees and community.

Mario RuizInvestor, PayPal Ventures

Ramiro CavazosPresident & Chief Executive Officer, US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Betty FranciscoCo-Founder, Amplify Latinx; General Counsel, Compass Working Capital
Carlos GuamanPresident, El Triunfo Corporation
Kim M. Rivera
President, Strategy and Business Management and Chief Legal Officer, HP Inc.

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