Building the Pricing Machine: A Can’t-Miss Webinar Series

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The role of a pricing professional within a law firm has been a topic of hot discussion for several years now. Some firms have jumped in with both feet and built robust pricing teams with oversight of not only pricing, but also legal project management, new business intake, and in some cases, matter management within the firm.

Other law firms, however, find themselves in a place where they’re not sure where to even begin.

Our upcoming webinar seriesBuilding the Pricing Machineaims to provide valuable insight to law firms regardless of where they sit on that spectrum.

This three-part series of 30- to 45-minute webinars will explore the role of a pricing professional through three different lenses.

The first part of the seriesIn the Deep End, will look at the role of a pricing professional who is just getting himself established. Steve Chambers, Senior Pricing Analyst for Fredrikson & Byron, will join us for a discussion of what it’s been like to try and prove himself as a newly minted law firm pricing professional, even with a lengthy background in pricing and a high level of familiarity with the legal industry.

The second session in the series, Been There, Done That, will be hosted by Bree Johnson, Chief Strategy, Pricing and LPM Officer at Robins Kaplan. Bree will share what it’s been like to take her experience as a pricing professional at one firm and parlay that into success with a new firm that’s looking to grow its pricing prowess. She will address issues of culture and strategy that any firm experiencing growing pains around pricing will value.

The final session, The Elder Statesman, will feature Peter Lane Secor, Chief Pricing Officer at Pepper Hamilton. Peter will share some of the strategies he’s developed over time that have led Pepper Hamilton to be a true powerhouse when it comes to offering alternative pricing models, particularly with regard to litigation matters. If you’re unsure where to start with developing a pricing model or you think that alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) simply don’t work for litigation, you need to hear from Peter.

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