Tom Jones

CEO & President, Iridium Technology LLC

Tom Jones is the CEO & President of Iridium Technology LLC -- the firm that is 100% focused on business intelligence (BI) for law firms. Tom has been being doing BI for law firms for 19 years, and is a regular presenter at legal IT conferences around the world. Prior to founding Iridium Technology, Tom worked for ADERANT for 13 years, with most of his tenure as a Product Manager for ADERANT's business intelligence offering. Tom was a founding partner in Icon Technology back in 1996, and Icon developed the original versions of the business intelligence products that later became ADERANT Expert Office when Icon was sold into the ADERANT family. Tom is a "serial entrepreneur": Iridium Technology is his fourth start-up, and he has previously founded software companies in Santa Barbara, the Czech Republic, and San Francisco. Tom earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and was the outstanding Computer Science graduate in the class of 1985.