Samenna Kluck

Strategic Account Executive, LawGeex

Sameena Kluck has been devoted to innovation and change management in the legal industry for over two decades. She is a strategic account executive for LawGeex, an AI contract review company, where she helps inhouse legal teams streamline their more routine tasks so they can focus on more strategic tasks for their businesses. A former practicing lawyer, Sameena transitioned into the business of law and the legal technology side of the industry 20 years ago, serving in account management and sales roles with both international technology companies and startups. In each role, she focused on driving sales, renewals, and client relationships through consulting on change management, demonstrating the benefits of utilizing technology to improve client service, of building more diverse teams to drive better business results, and using social media to encourage more authenticity from colleagues. She also writes and speaks on innovation and emerging technologies, access to justice, diversity and inclusion, and personal branding in the legal industry.

In between all those activities, Sameena raises teens in Washington, DC, taking advantage of all the museums, festivals, national parks, theatres, and restaurants the city has to offer, and spends way too much time on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.