Ralph Baxter

Writer & Speaker

Ralph Baxter advises, writes, and speaks about the delivery of legal service. After leading a prominent global law firm for nearly a quarter century, he has turned his attention to a diverse set of activities, across the spectrum of the evolving legal profession.

From 1990 to 2013, Mr. Baxter served as Chairman and CEO of Orrick, leading Orrick’s progress from a domestic firm with California origins to become one of the world’s leading global firms. He launched numerous transformative initiatives during his tenure, including the creation of Orrick’s Global Operations Center in Wheeling, West Virginia, and changes in the firm’s talent and pricing models.

Mr. Baxter received his BA from Stanford University; his MA in Education from the Catholic University of America; and his JD from the University of Virginia.

Mr. Baxter’s recent writings and interviews can be accessed on his website www.ralphbaxter.com and he can be followed on Twitter @ralphbaxter.

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