Krista Baughman

Partner, Dhillon Law Group

Krista Baughman is a civil litigator whose practice focuses on defamation, First Amendment law, and anti-SLAPP procedure. As a partner of Dhillon Law Group with over a decade of experience in the courtroom, Krista has managed precedent-setting cases, including one that established that university Title IX proceedings are protected forums for speech under California’s anti-SLAPP statute, and another that clarified the 9th Circuit standard for due process liability against police, and government qualified immunity, in crowd control situations. She and her team achieved a landmark settlement to ensure the First Amendment rights of students at UC Berkeley, and ended the use of unconstitutional speech-restricting policies in a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of San Clemente on behalf of its citizens.

Krista represents corporations, high profile public figures, nonprofit organizations, gig economy companies, and private individuals alike. She is driven by the joy of helping people find solutions for the most stressful and high-stakes problems in their business and personal lives.