Kimberly Johnson

Chair and Managing Partner

Kimberly Leach Johnson presides over the firm's executive committee and is Firm Chair of Quarles & Brady. As an attorney, she has been practicing trusts & estates law for more than 30 years. She built her practice from the ground up by building personal and professional relationships across Southern Florida until she accumulated not only an impressive client base but a network of referral sources that direct new clients to her due to her stellar work and reputation.

From post-mortem tax-mitigation techniques, comprehensive estate planning, which includes understanding the client's wishes, explaining and reducing the tax impact to carrying out the estate plan after a client's death, she guides her clients and their families through the processes of defining final wishes and seeing them through with confidence, confidentiality, and competence.

Kimberly’s clients include individuals and institutions alike. Her command of the tax code, coupled with her comprehensive knowledge of both the laws and the personal considerations that affect the transfer of wealth, make her a reliable source of advice and legal representation for high-net-worth persons and families, including those owning private companies.

It takes a long time and a lot of clients to achieve Kimberly’s level of experience, but the real secret of her success is something much simpler and perhaps rarer: She genuinely cares, and it genuinely shows. She’s not just preparing wills, tax returns, and trust documents, she’s taking personal care of people who are trying to do what’s best for their families and organizations.

Kimberly recently took the helm as Quarles & Brady’s Firm Chair, but unlike most large law firm chairpersons, she refuses to give up her practice or her clients — she cares too much to let them go.

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