John E. Mitchell

Principal, KM Advisors, LLC

John Mitchell is a lawyer and a leader. He is committed to helping lawyers discover their leadership potential so that they continuously develop themselves and their organizations in pursuit of changing the world. John specializes in helping leaders transition to new leadership positions. He has extensive experience assisting women and attorneys of color successfully apply their talents in new roles and new environments.

One of Mr. Mitchell’s key roles is helping law firms respond to their clients’ demands for a more inclusive legal profession. As part of this work John has worked with in-house legal counsel to articulate their goals for law firm diversity and worked with law firms to create diverse teams that allow the firm to meet client needs.

Mr. Mitchell’s unique background brings personal experience to this work and his educational experiences ground those first hand experiences with sound theory and applied research. This combination of theory and experience provide a distinctive advantage for the firms and in-house legal departments with whom he works.