James Shoemaker

Director of Pricing and Matter Management, Miles & Stockbridge, P.C.

James Shoemaker is an Accredited Legal Pricing Professional (ALPP) and certified legal project manager with nearly 20 years of industry experience. In his current role as the Director of Pricing and Matter Management, he is responsible for setting pricing strategy, consulting with partners and clients on pricing solutions, and establishing a matter management framework of tools and processes to ensure efficient delivery of legal services. This includes oversight for all of the following functions: pricing, rate setting, legal project management (i.e., “matter management”), new business acceptance, and the establishment and maintenance of the required supporting systems and infrastructure for these functions.

Prior to taking on a business services role, Jim served in fee earning capacities as a paralegal, then in electronic discovery and litigation support. This experience informs his change management approach, as he is able to relate to how today’s practitioners must balance the competing demands of legal practice and the business of law.

A frequent speaker on the topics of legal pricing and project management, Jim’s core focus remains on maximizing the value of legal services by helping align the firm’s pricing and service delivery models with its clients’ legal needs and business objectives.

Jim earned his B.A. from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).