Imam Daayiee Abdullah

Founder, Mecca Institute

Imam Daayiee Abdullah is founder and Executive Director of MECCA Institute (Muslim Education Center for Creative Academics), a Muslim think tank and online school (opening Fall 2015). Based in Washington, D.C., he is a scholar in Shari’ah Sciences and Quranic Interpretation. A former public interest lawyer, he lectures nationally and internationally on progressive Muslim concepts, intra-faith and interfaith networking, and the development of inclusive and progressive revisions of Islamic theological thought and Islamic law. He has long been involved in actively promoting understanding and awareness of issues of racial, gender and sexual equality as understood in the UN Declaration of Human Rights within and beyond Muslim communities. As Imam and Education Director at Light of Reform Mosque, Imam Daayiee provides pastoral counseling for Muslim youth and adults, their families and friends. He performs same sex, opposite sex and interfaith marriages for Muslims and non-Muslims of diverse backgrounds.