Emily Neff

Southeast Region Lead, CBRE

Emily Neff is a leader in CBRE’s Workplace, Occupancy, and Design practice, supporting clients to develop customized workplace transformation strategies. Emily has been with CBRE since 2011, having spent time working from the San Francisco and Atlanta offices. From 2013 to 2016, Emily was the Program Manager for CBRE’s internal workplace initiative called Workplace360; a program where she delivered strategy and change management services to transition 8,500+ CBRE employees to a new way of working. From 2016 on, Emily transitioned to supporting external clients, and has since been delivering great workplace outcomes for clients through primarily the South and Mid-Atlantic regions. In addition to supporting clients directly, Emily is part of CBRE’s Law Firm Practice Group, participating in shared research on the evolving workplace design and experience in the legal sector. Emily brings an excitement and passion for challenging the status quo, while also offering empathy and support to employees as they experience change.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Emily and her team developed a service offering called Workplace Reset, which offered workplace, design, engineering, occupancy, and cost consulting services to help clients reopen their offices. In partnership with project management, Emily and team have supported numerous organizations in reopening their offices from May 2020 through present. Most recently, Emily is focused on developing future of work strategies for her clients, helping them to align:
- Employee desire for flexibility and leadership appetite for change
- Opportunity for cost savings balanced with maintaining and growing culture
- Investing in wellbeing and technology while refreshing policies for the future