Claudio Diaz

Chief People Officer, Briggs & Veselka Co.

Claudio Diaz joined Briggs & Veselka in January 2020 and is currently overseeing the cultural refreshment, leadership development, HR operations and workplace planning as the firm continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Claudio has a passion for helping CEOs revitalize their cultures while creating profitable growth, designing ideal governance models and enhancing “people engagement.” Claudio created his consultative approach during his 17 years at the Walt Disney Company in diverse roles, including coaching external executives at the Disney Institute.

For the past decade and a half, Claudio served as Chief Human Capital Officer for 2 of the nation’s top 20 accounting firms. In both capacities, he led large teams of over 30 HR professionals in designing, developing and delivering cultures of excellence for each firm’s 1,600 associates. He has ensured that both firms’ human capital investment was realized to the fullest by managing productivity through workforce planning and developing both leaders and associates so that the organizations could both maintain thriving growth, while supporting his responsibility for leading all HR operations.

Prior to these experiences, Claudio served as the corporate senior consultant for a large hospital system in St. Louis, where he implemented the system’s corporate university and service culture initiatives across 25 acute care facilities and a workforce of 28,000. Additionally, in his director of leadership and organizational development for a global manufacturing firm, he leveraged Six Sigma concepts to ensure optimal output for both his HR teams as well as the plants themselves.