Catherine Vick

Principal Epidemiologist and Practice Lead, Scientific Litigation Support, Venebio Group

Katie is a Principal Epidemiologist and Research Integrity Officer with Venebio Group, LLC. She specializes in the application of epidemiology and advanced biostatistics, including multivariable modeling and analysis of large datasets, to complex problems in the life sciences and scientific litigation support.

Katie has nearly two decades of experience in program management, evaluation, and advanced study design and analysis in diverse settings, from early stage biopharmaceutical companies, to academic and federal research. Her work has spanned a variety of application areas, including cancer epidemiology, drug development, program evaluation, surgical and medical outcomes and quality improvement, risk index and algorithm development, and scientific litigation support. Katie also has over a decade of graduate level teaching experience in biostatistics, epidemiology methods, and program evaluation.

Katie began her scientific career in 1996 at the bench, working in medical genetics and immunohistochemistry both for private companies and the University of North Carolina’s Lineberger Cancer Center, where she worked primarily on breast and head and neck cancers. Before joining Venebio Group, Katie worked with epidemiology and biostatistics teams at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, the Center for Surgical, Medical and Acute Care Research and Transitions with the Birmingham VAMC, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Department of Surgery. Her work has included identification of risk factors associated with surgical site infection, as well as a better understanding of Surgical Care Improvement Program performance measures, and how they affect patient outcomes when accounting for patient, surgical and site factors.