Adrian Lurssen

Co-Founder, JD Supra

Adrian Lurssen is co-founder and VP of Strategic Development at JD Supra. He also spearheads the company’s editorial and social media initiatives. Adrian has worked in new media for most of his professional life. He served as the senior managing editor at Yahoo! in the critical early days of the Web, creating and managing the company’s first team of editors and writers whose work included Yahoo! News Full Coverage, Daily & Weekly Picks, Ask Yahoo! and other editorial features. In 1999 Brill’s Content media magazine placed Adrian on their Top-25 Influence list, calling him “the most important person in cyberspace of whom you’ve never heard.” He likes to point out that the magazine folded shortly after that dubious honor.

His writings about the web have been published in the Chicago Sun Times, USA Today, and many places elsewhere – his poetry has been published in numerous national journals, in print and online. Adrian speaks frequently on the topic of law firm content marketing and new media strategy.