Analyzing your firm’s acceleration against a model of best performance

Topics: Assessment & Activation Suite


The last few months of the COVID-19 crisis have seen the management teams of almost every legal organization focused on survival. But in the post-pandemic legal world, how do you pivot your business away from a locked-down world after so much has changed?


Law firms by necessity are addressing what will come after the pandemic crisis. Most importantly, they want to know what will it take for them to emerge from this crisis in a state in which their competitive advantage is increased, not diminished.


The Best Performance Model

To that end, we have created the Best Performance Model to show you what’s needed for your firm to emerge stronger after the crisis.

The model looks at three key financial measures and the successful strategies that the most dynamic law firms employ to create growth and profitability. Our model will enable firm leaders to re-assess the firm’s client base, talent, and operations.

The Firm Acceleration Program


We’ve developed an online tool to help you evaluate how close you are to our model of best practice. If you’d like to do that evaluation for your firm please complete the form below: