An “Uncivil War”: Examining Political Tribalism and the Rise of “Grievance Culture”

Topics: Civil Rights, Diversity & Inclusion, On-Demand Webinars

In the past century, never have Americans been so deeply divided by social, political and ideological difference as we are today. How did we reach this low point at which incivility and contempt towards one’s political contemporaries, coupled with increased resistance to compromise, is occurring more and more frequently? What are we to make of a social landscape where vitriolic contempt for those holding differing views is not only acceptable, but actively championed? Is such tension the result of extremely heated and long simmering contentions from the past two US presidential elections; rising anger over police brutality and increased tensions over racial equality; or nationwide lockdowns, job losses and the economic strains of a global pandemic? What about the growing concerns over big tech censorship and the castigation and vilification of political adversaries? This engaging discussion examines a multitude of factors transforming the United States into a deeply divided nation, including a frank assessment of what can be done to, hopefully, reverse the current trajectory.

Krista L. BaughmanPartner, Dhillon Law Group Inc.

Joshua DunnProfessor and Chair, Department of Political Science & Director, Center for the Study of Government and the Individual, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Melissa HarrisFounder & Chief Executive Officer, M. Harris & Co.
Jason MeyerPresident & Founder, LeadGood, LLC
Scott ShepardFellow & Deputy Director, Free Enterprise Project, National Center for Public Policy Research
Jonathan ZimmermanJudy and Howard Berkowitz Professor in Education, University of Pennsylvania

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