A Measured Response: Revising Lawyer Compensation Models in a Distressed Economy

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COO & CFO Forum

The Thomson Reuters Institute’s Law Firm COO & CFO Forum is the premier gathering of eponymous title holders, executive brethren, and esteemed industry partners for three days of peer-driven conversation on the business of law.  Each year, our content  offers concise, pithy, and compelling insights for law firm leaders at both large and small organizations.  The following presentation occurred during Day One (The 2020 Law Firm Financial Performance Forum) of our annual meeting.

Propelled by evolving sentiments around origination and the billable hour, lawyer compensation models have drawn intense scrutiny over the past decade. Though today’s economic fallout comes on the heels of several encouraging years of growth, some firms are asking if recent austerity measures of reduced partner draws signals yet another opportunity to review traditional compensation systems across the firm. Our distinguished presenter will discuss whether or not the current situation augurs a timely lesson in how firms pay their legal professionals, while providing examples of what a revised compensation system could look like in 2021.

Michael D. ShortPrincipal, LawVision

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