2018 Public-Private Partnership Forum: Ensuring a Safe & Transparent Financial System

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How do we ensure a safe and transparent financial system, one that’s free of bad actors, in both the public and private sectors? Indeed, some of the biggest challenges facing the global financial community in 2018 include money laundering, terrorist financing, and use of the financial system by sanctioned individuals or regimes. And these challenges become even more complicated when you throw in hot button words and phrases such as cryptocurrency and digital identity.

So, what is the solution? While we don’t have a silver bullet to solve the problem, we can open up the conversation, beginning with the notion that we need a robust and open sharing system between governments and financial institutions, one that is grounded in evolving regulatory adherence and the shared purpose of fighting financial terrorism, among other issues.

Thomson Reuters Public-Private Partnership Forums (P3)

To help begin this dialog, Thomson Reuters is convening three separate, half-day conferences — the 2018 Thomson Reuters Public-Private Partnership Forums. The purpose of these events will be to discuss how the partnerships between law enforcement and the financial industry are critical to combating financing of criminal activity and terrorism.

I will moderate the first of the Forums, to be held Wednesday, March 7, in New York City. Further events will happen on Tuesday, April 24 in Charlotte, N.C., and Thursday, April 26, in Washington, D.C.

Click here to register for the New York event:

Registration for Corporate Investigator Professionals

Registration for Government Professionals

(Please check back for registration pages for the events in Charlotte, N.C. and Washington, D.C.)

Featured Speakers

With any hard-hitting conversation, you’ll want to have heavyweights driving the dialogue. Here is a list of confirmed speakers:

  • Joe Raczynski: Technologist/Futurist with Thomson Reuters Legal, currently manages a team of Technical Client Managers for both the Large Law and Government divisions;
  • Dennis Lormel: CAMS, CEO DML Associates & Former FBI Financial Crimes Section Chief;
  • Bob Schukai: Global Head of Design for Digital Identity Solutions at Thomson Reuters;
  • Holly Sais Phillippi: Partner Director-Governance, Risk & Compliance Thomson Reuters;
  • Peter Vincent: General Counsel, Thomson Reuters Special Services (TRSS), Former Principal Legal Counsel DHS and ICE;
  • James Cummans: Executive Vice President, Director of BSA/AML and Corporate Compliance TCF National Bank; and
  • Jennifer Singh: Senior Director, Head of Product & Strategy, Thomson Reuters Digital Identity Solutions.

On the Ground at P3

Whether you work in the private sector as a financial or AML professional or are on the government side, these events will showcase some of the hottest topics in the financial world today — including blockchain, rethinking the digital identity landscape, and a panel discussion surrounding FinTech, Financial Crimes and the Regulatory Landscape.

Moreover, the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), is providing six CAMS credits for those who attend this half-day event. Best of all, there’s a networking opportunity with industry professionals during a social hour following the discussion.

For more on these cutting-edge topics — Click here to listen to P3 speaker Bob Schukai’s recent ACAMS webinar, Rethinking Digital Identity.