The 2018 Midyear Litigation Infographic: Seeing a Litigation Rebound

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Litigation has long been an engine to drive the legal services industry in the United States. In recent years, it’s no secret that litigation work has endured an overhaul, as the process has been disaggregated to shift workflow to more efficient and cost-effective means.

Legal corporate departments started to emphasize key measures to prevent litigation, such as proactive contract review, internal training, early case resolution, evaluation procedures, and even bringing more work in-house. Over that time, law firm demand for litigation was declining as well, as articulated in the “2018 Midyear Report: What’s the Story?

However, from economic growth to the increased emergence of litigation funding and social change litigation, the industry’s litigation practice has rebounded in the first half of 2018 to show overall midyear demand growth for the average law firm tracked by Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor.

But as with most trends within the legal industry, that’s not the experience of every law firm. Irregular growth within the practice remains prevalent when looking across the full breadth of firms; and each firm’s performance is unique to their own circumstance. Nevertheless, there are a few things to glean from the overall depiction of the recent litigation demand.

Download the 2018 Midyear Litigation Infographic from Peer Monitor to learn a little more about the recent litigation rebound within law firms.