Top 10 Most-Read Blog Posts on the Legal Executive Institute Blog in 2018: Seeing the Forest for the Evergreens

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Top 10

If there is one thing the new year can promise — aside from soon-to-be-broken resolutions — is Top 10 lists that reflect on the past year. These collections of “Best of…” and “What Was Hot…” are good indicators of what stuff people thought about, liked, and chased after in 2018.

We at the Legal Executive Institute blog thought we’d get into the game by offering our “Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2018” (excluding white papers and reports). However, something interesting bubbled to the surface when we gathered the numbers.

It seems that if you dive into blog posts that were most viewed in 2018 , there were a large number of people not just looking to us for the latest insight on the business of law, but there were a goodly amount turning to our older stories, sharing or resharing them in what appears from the data to be bursts and fits of new interest throughout the year.

In fact, you have to scroll down our Top 10 list to #6 before you get a blog post that was first published this year. You’re all making us feel less like bloggers and more like legal folklorists! But, if that means our blog is filling up with archival value and subject to which readers are returning anew — well, that actually makes us feel pretty good.

So, before we get further into 2019, here are the Top 10 blog posts with the highest number of pageviews in 2018:

1. Partnership Structures & Innovation in Midsize Law Firms (posted March 15, 2017); by Anders Spile — How can a law firm, which is essentially a collection of several smaller businesses, successfully innovate, when everyone is running their own business?

2. Lead or Manage: What Should a Practice Leader Actually Do? (posted September 13, 2016); by Patrick J. McKenna — A job description for a practice leader should measure the leader’s contribution to the firm’s success, making it an important and powerful strategic tool.

3. 8 Practical Steps to Landing a Seat on a Board of Directors (posted August 13, 2015); by Gerri Elliott — Landing a seat on a corporate board of directors is not as simple as knowing how to ask the right way. In fact, if you’re not in the network of folks who are already serving on public boards, it can be hard to get traction. Here are 8 steps you can take to improve your chances of landing that board seat.

4. The Neutral Corner: Understanding a Digital Forensics Report (posted August 15, 2016); by Daniel Garrie — It is vital for lawyers to understand what digital evidence is, how forensic neutrals work, and what to look for when reviewing a forensics report.

5. Innovation in Law Firms… It’s Not Just Tech (posted October 17, 2017); by Patrick DiDomenico — Ask most people to name some new innovation, and they’ll usually refer to some technology; rarely will they mention anything related to the legal industry.

6. Fraud & Laundering in Las Vegas: Former US Tax Attorney, Now Defense Lawyer Shares Top Trends in Tax Fraud Crimes & Enforcement (posted October 17, 2018); by Gregg Wirth — We speak with Jeff Setness, an attorney experienced in prosecuting and defending tax fraud cases, about what has changed and what are in the latest developments in the government’s ability to enforce and prosecute tax fraud cases, including structuring of currency transactions, tax preparer fraud, and healthcare fraud.

7. A Framework for Success: The 21st Century Law Firm Business Model (posted November 24, 2015); by Ralph Baxter — The market and clients will no longer tolerate the inefficiencies of the traditional law firm model, insisting that legal services be provided more cheaply.

8. Understanding Deleted Files, Unallocated Space, and Their Impact on E-Discovery (posted December 28, 2017); by Daniel Garrie — A lawyer’s technical understanding of how digital information is stored makes a difference in the context of e-discovery and how he best serves his clients.

9. 5 Questions for Tonya Custis: Can Artificial Intelligence Calm Lawyers’ Fear? (posted February 8, 2018); by Monica Bay — We spoke to Tonya Custis of Thomson Reuters about her recent panel at Legaltech on the use of artificial intelligence in legal research & what lawyers fear.

10. For a Lawyer, What Does “Technology Competence” Really Mean? (posted April 20, 2018); by Tad Simons — The American Bar Association’s change in 2012 to its Model Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.1 to include “technological competence”, is an important mandate for practitioners to keep abreast of key developments in new legal technology. But for a lawyer, what does technical competence really mean?