New Podcast! The Legal Ramifications of Sexual Harassment in the Medical Profession, with Garfunkel Wild’s Andrew Zwerling

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In a new podcast, Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute talks about the legal ramifications of sexual harassment in the medical profession and how attorneys can best advise clients about the issues involved.


Andrew Zwerling of Garfunkel Wild

The podcast features Andrew Zwerling, a partner at the law firm of Garfunkel Wild, a full-service law firm with more than 30 years of experience in the health care industry that advises on both industry-specific matters as well as the business and legal needs of its clients in the health care industry.

Zwerling discusses how the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace has become much more important in recent months, greatly raising the stakes for how businesses and their legal advisors handle it.

Zwerling explains that this is especially true for the medical industry because there are aspects and characteristics of the industry that can lend itself to a potential for such harassment and abuse of power.

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For more on this topic, register here for a webinar on Sexual Harassment in the Medical Industry, hosted by Andrew Zwerling at 12 pm, EST, on September 13.