Introducing Legal Project Management Without Hiring: An Interview with Katherine D’Urso

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legal project management

At the recent Marketing Partner Forum, I had a chance to speak with Katherine D’Urso, Chief Client Development Officer for WilmerHale.  I had the opportunity to listen to her speak as part of a panel entitled “Advancing Collaboration: Integrating Legal Project Management in Firmwide Business Development.”

marketing partner

Katherine D’Urso, Chief Client Development Officer for WilmerHale

One of the things she said there caught my attention immediately. WilmerHale, like many other firms, has put an increasing focus on developing a legal project management capability. But the firm did it without having to hire any new people.

I, probably like many of you reading this now, wondered: “How is this possible?” Katherine D’Urso took a few minutes to sit down with me to discuss how WilmerHale accomplished this feat.