New Podcast: “Lawyering from Beyond the Desk” with Pryor Cashman’s Tom Vidal

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In a new Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute podcast, Tom Vidal, a partner at Pryor Cashman, talks about “Lawyering Beyond the Desk” — How getting up from your desk can help you better engage with clients, promote business development and improve your own career satisfaction.

In an exclusive discussion with the Legal Executive Institute blog, Vidal flips the practice of law on its head, making the revolutionary assertion that one of the most important (and satisfying) parts of lawyering is client engagement outside of the office — and not the doldrums of paperwork. Getting out from behind the desk can result in strengthened client relationships, potential business opportunities and ultimately increased personal and professional satisfaction.

Vidal touches on such topics as i) what does lawyering beyond the desk mean? ii) using the multiplier effect to prove to managing partners there is value being outside of the office; iii) developing trusted advisor status among clients; and iv) using these out-of-office opportunities as a way to create personal and professional satisfaction as a lawyer.

A lawyer who might actually enjoy their job? Only Vidal makes it seem possible!


You can read a full transcript of the podcast here.