New Infographic: The 2018 State of Legal Technology Report

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In a new infographic based on Thomson Reuters recent 2018 State of Legal Technology Report, law firm leaders can see how best to use the most innovative legal technology to demonstrate their commitment to improving performance for their clients and providing more value for their clients’ legal service dollars.

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Click to download the infographic

“Proactive law firms listen to what clients want and are using investment in legal technology as a competitive edge,” the infographic explains.

You can also download the full “The 2018 State of Legal Technology Report“, here.

The infographic — which can be downloaded for free here — shows that smart and well-planned investment in legal technology as part of an overall implementation and adoption strategy and bring benefits that include increased productivity and resulting higher client demand.

And when this strategic legal tech investment is overlaid onto legal process and workflow, the results can be newly created efficiencies and opportunities for collaboration with clients that can enhance the law firm’s bottom line. Remember, as the infographic advises, be a partner, not a vendor!