Infographic: The Face of the Legal Department is Rapidly Changing. Are You Ready?

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One of the most significant forces of transformation in the legal world is the influx of Millennial attorneys.

By 2025, a full 75% of the workforce will be made up of Millennials, and the majority of legal department leaders are not prepared for this unprecedented generational shift.

Integrating Millennial’s skills into your legal department will be critically important.

See this interactive graphic to better understand the challenges and opportunities presented by a multi-generational legal workforce.

In addition, the media has long-hyped the different styles and drivers of this next generation. How do corporate legal departments perceive the new Millennials joining the ranks? And do Millennials agree with these labels?

It will become vital for legal department leaders to truly understand what motivates their Millennial colleagues, whether it’s work-life balance, an alignment to values, or the opportunity to lead. Also, as the digital native generation joins the workforce, it will offer an excellent opportunity for in-house legal departments to adopt new technology and increase efficiencies.

Legal department leaders need to learn how to best manage Millennials coming into their legal departments and what steps they can take to get them involved and engaged. Also, discover what all three generations — Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials — have in common, and the key differences between the generations.

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