The 2019 Law Firm Financial Performance Forum Mastering the Scalability of Change

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Oct 23, 2019

11:30AM - 5:00PM

New York, NY

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The 2019 Law Firm Financial Performance Forum is a half-day, interactive program that brings together law firm executives for a series of group-driven workshops on topics germane to law firm financial and operational management. Topics vary year-to-year, but will routinely feature both esteemed law firm executives and a select group of experienced law firm clientele.

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Why You Should Attend

  • This forum is a timely and interactive workshop designed for and by law firm executives interested in the financial management of the organization
  • Attendees will roll up their sleeves and participate in peer-driven activities focused on collaborative expertise and business leadership
  • Attendees will gain unparalleled access to--and hear valuable feedback from--legal clients from across leading industries

    Who Should Attend

  • Law Firm Chief Operating Officers
  • Law Firm Chief Financial Officers
  • Law Firm Executive Directors
  • Law Firm Managers & Senior Business Professionals
  • Event Details

    Wednesday, Oct 23

    11:30 AM
    Registration & Luncheon
    12:00 PM
    Opening Remarks
    12:15 PM
    Point Break: The Price of Innovation

    Few phrases are more hackneyed in legal services than that of practice “innovation.” Throughout the Am Law 200, law firms ascribe to a litany of “novel” practices spanning matter-level management and infrastructural investment, including the  creation of innovation labs, innovation leads, innovation committees and so forth. And while rethinking legal service delivery is, for most, axiomatic in the new economy, at what point does the pursuit of innovation prove too unwieldy or deleterious for the firm? This discussion offers a candid take on the financial viability and operational scalability of change initiatives within large and small organizations. How and where have such endeavors fallen short of expectations?

    1:15 PM
    1:30 PM
    Quantam Leap: Designing Exponential Business Growth & Accelerating to Scale

    When designing an effective business model, most organizations view the creation and delivery of value as a linear, interlocking chain around which business resources, partnerships, customer engagement and client service coalesce. Such thinking has historically proven effective at cultivating incremental—indeed predictable—growth upon which many organizations hang their hat. But in an era where technological advancement and evolving consumer behaviors have created greater urgency to compete for and win clientele, linear value chains are now increasingly outmoded by more exponential—and for some, transformative—models built to accelerate success. This presentation offers a provocative take on how to reimagine one’s business through the adoption of design principles from some of the world’s most disruptive entities.

    2:30 PM
    2:45 PM
    Winter is Coming: Partnership & Opportunity Around ALSPs

    According to numerous observers, the Big 4—key players in a crescendoing wave of global alternative legal service providers (ALSPs)—generated over $148 billion in revenue in 2018. Deloitte led the proverbial pack with profits of $43 billion, while KPMG proved the laggard at a modest $29. By contrast, the highest-grossing Am Law firm generated $3.757 billion—rarified air for an industry in the throes of mass dispersion. Suffice to say, despite current regulatory barriers that may suggest otherwise, law firms face a very real and formidable threat from a global, rapidly expanding, $10.7 billion market. Picking up where last year’s Law Firm COO & CFO Forum left off, this session offers invaluable guidance around partnership opportunities and strategic responses to the advance of ALSP entities.

    3:45 PM
    4:00 PM
    A Diamond as Big as the Ritz: Rethinking Law Firm Leverage

    Recent industry trends have elicited renewed interest in law firm leverage models throughout the Am Law 100. According to new ALM research, the “totemic pyramid” (to borrow a phrase from Bruce MacEwen) of yesteryear—which saw a small group of partners controlling a larger associate base—has gradually morphed into a “diamond”-esque configuration replete with a middle bulge of non-equity partners and Of Counsel titleholders. Ignoring for the nonce many of the psychological forces driving this development, our discussion asks participants to examine their own organizational structure in order to ascertain whether or not leverage is still a viable lever for measuring firm profitability and health. Are the growing ranks of non-equity partners a sign of things to come?

    5:00 PM
    Conclusion & Reception


    New York Marriott Downtown

    85 West Street
    New York, NY 10006

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