The Corporate Legal Department Operations Forum – Atlanta Running the Corporate Legal Department Like a Business

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Sep 27, 2018

9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Atlanta, GA

$495 USD

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As cost pressures mount on corporate legal departments to spend less and work more efficiently across the enterprise, the need to operate as a well-oiled business  grows ever more imperative by the minute. Thanks to the growing prominence of dedicated business professionals who run daily operations of these departments, in house counsel are reframing the conversation as valued business partners. This interactive forum offers case studies and best practices on how some of the country’s most progressive legal departments have evolved from historical cost centers to strategic allies.

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Why You Should Attend

  • Engage a faculty of accomplished peers in sharing best practices for managing the modern day legal department
  • Network with key industry players helping to revolutionize legal department operations
  • Engage in interactive discussions designed for practical solutions to common challenges facing corporate counsel

    Who Should Attend

  • Legal Department Chief Operating Officers
  • Chief Legal Officers
  • General Counsel
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Legal Department Operations Consultants & Third-Party Providers
  • Event Co-Chairs

    Stephanie Corey

    Co-Founder and General Partner
    UpLevel Ops

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    Jon S. Hoak

    Co-Founder and General Partner
    UpLevel Ops

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    Event Details

    Thursday, Sep 27

    8:30 AM
    Registration & Continental Breakfast
    9:15 AM
    Opening Remarks
    9:30 AM
    Beyond Measure: Exploring Today’s Corporate Legal Department Operations Strategy

    As the legal market place continues to shift, the increased reach of data analytics is helping to provide a clearer picture of the evolving nature of legal department operations. This opening session will explore the growth of corporate legal departments, the volume of work they contend with, the changing nature of their law firm relationships, the efficacy of their cost-control strategies and how they continue to evaluate their own success.

    10:00 AM
    10:10 AM
    Budgets, Bandwidth & Business Process: A Corporate Legal Department’s Guide to Strategic Alignment

    Today’s corporate legal department faces constant pressure around budgets, bandwidth and process efficiency. Recognizing the need to become less a cost center than a valued business partner, many corporate legal departments are looking for innovations in productivity, better ways to control costs and, in some scenarios, are turning to third party providers in an effort to demonstrate greater strategic alignment. This opening panel examines the corporate legal department’s decision-making process when dealing with such multifarious issues of efficiency. Pivoting upon personal experience and lessons learned, our accomplished panel will discuss how to master these complex—and essential—business decisions.

    This session will also lead participants through an exercise in identifying a work process/product that could achieve significant strategic alignment through modifications in process efficiency.

    11:25 AM
    Networking Luncheon
    12:25 PM
    Examining Innovation in the Law Firm-Client Relationship

    Globalization’s impact on legal clients has  fundamentally altered the law firm-client relationship. Value—whether through alternative fee arrangements, investments in talent or technology, geographic convenience, etc.—is of paramount import to corporate legal departments interested in partnering with outside counsel—a trend which has led to a number of innovative engagements highlighted therein. This conversation explores several instances in which forward-thinking legal departments worked with law firms to engineer a sustainable, mutually beneficial business collaboration.

    Participants in this session will be asked to identify an area of value to explore with their clients/customers and to ascertain how this area aligns with the greater strategy of their organizations.

    1:40 PM
    1:50 PM
    Change, Technically Speaking: On Talent, Lawyer Training, and Cultural Recalibration

    In addition to elevating the profile of the general counsel’s office, investments by corporate legal departments in advanced technologies has necessitated the formalized training of corporate counsel unaccustomed to such marked transformation. Thanks to the growing popularity of dashboards and metrics, in-house lawyers are expected to engage directly with a number of new technologies as part of their daily routine. This conversation begins with a high-level analysis of the pace of technological adoption in corporate legal departments today, followed by several real world examples of where and how iconoclastic companies are making in-roads in educating their legal talent.

    Through an exercise, participants in this session will be invited to explore the potential value of differing training models at their organizations.

    3:05 PM
    A Corporate Legal Outlook - Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

    With an eye toward the future, this discussion will provide a five to ten year outlook on the provision of corporate legal services and operations. Facilitators will lead participants in a discussion around how things such as changes in labor models, outsourcing, the liberalization of rules in the practice of law and technology will affect corporate legal departments within the next decade. This session will conclude with a summation of the day’s events as well as outline some recommended key takeaways.

    Stephanie Corey, Co-Founder and General Partner at UpLevel Ops; CLOC Co-Founder
    Jon S. Hoak, Co-Founder and General Partner at UpLevel Ops

    3:50 PM
    Closing Remarks


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